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Pickerings Road
Halebank Industrial Estate

About M&B Tools Limited

M&B tools offer a wide range of tooling and machining solutions to a variety of industries including food industry / packaging, domestic appliance, automotive, electrical and marine, both in the UK and internationally
Besides full in-house design and manufacture of thermoform tooling and sheet metal press tools, M&B tools also can provide the following solutions:

  • CNC Machining
  • CAD consultancy (3D modelling and design)
  • 3D CMM inspection
  • Tools Repair / Regrind
  • Tool Modification
  • Tool Try out Services.

The range of plant facilities include C.N.C Milling, Wire Erosion, Spark Erosion, JIG Boring/Milling, Horizontal Milling, Turning, Grinding (Surface and Cylindrical) and Beadblasting, which allows M&B tools to offer both the traditional skills of time served tool making along with all the advantages offered by modern manufacture.

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